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My name is Åsa,

I was born in a very cold winter's day in Stockholm Sweden and maybe that was the reason that I was going to move up to the northern most part of Sweden, Lapland.  I'm living in a small village by the name of Abisko close to the mountainous area about 250 kilometres north of the Polar Circle.

Before I found this paradise I was on a constant move around the world.

After 20 years of being away from my homeland Sweden I return and I find myself a home in this northern territory.
Since my very first day in Lapland I was totally fascinated by the beauty, the desolateness, the silence and the ever shifting of weathers and winds.
Up here I started to work with tourism and I also became a photographer.  There was no other way to try to show this beauty to other human beings, I had to try to catch the very soul of Lapland with my camera and so I did.

I have never encountered a landscape that was as bewitching as Lapland and to be able to show this I created a slideshow.
I named the slideshow Lapland a Year of Light and that was also the name of my book that I wrote and photographed in1992.
I have been on tour with this slideshow to the southern parts of Sweden where people have been giving very warm welcomes.
There's has been exhibitions, TV shows, radio talks and the makings of postcards all of it about Lapland.
I have also received a reward for my photography from the city of Kiruna.
Now I have recreated the slideshow and one of my very best friends David Carlson has composed the music for it and that together with my pictures is going to be well worth seeing so I say to you



The year of light.