India, it is often said, is not a country, but a continent. From north to south and east to west, the people are different, the languages are different, the customs are different, and the country is different.
Love it or hate it, you can never ignore India. Nothing is quite the way
You expect it to be. But never the less it is all worth it, you will never forget India. I have spent about 5 years all together travelling around and taking thousands of pictures. It´s a photographers dream.
So welcome to my collections of Indian doors.
A different kind of entrance  A quiet place  A secret door to some unknown place  A very old place 
Bakgårdens dörr  Chatting at the door entrance  Come on in please  Entrance to an expensive home 
Entre till blått hus  hey come on in  I live here  I may not come in 
In a small village in Uttar Pradesh  Is it good like this  Is there anything behind this door  It was meant to be blue 
Just another door  Just come on in  Krishna in the doorway  No entrance 
Nobody lives here anymore  Nothing is as stright as it should be  Old and new  Old and ugly 
Once it was a nice door  Once this was a very nice place  One time it was probably beautiful  Once upon a time somebody lived here 
Shivas door  Somebody lives here  Somebodys homedoor  The almost elegant entrance 
The beautiful door  The door is alwyas open  The door  The door of the temple 
The door with the many colors  The golden entrance  The lady in her door way  The lady in her doorway on her way out 
The old door  The peacock door  The watchdog by the door  The watchdogs 
There they are  We live here  Very old  What´s in the pot in front of the lilac colored door 
Windows and doors  Women working outside of the door